Smooth animated temperature shift in R

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Here is a rundown of the R code I used to create the following animated graphic. This graphic is part of a long form story (paywall, in French) on global warming focused on Switzerland. It shows the shift in monthly temperatures in Geneva for 1864-1900 vs 1982-2018. It relies on ggplot2 for the chart and on gganimate to, well, you know, animate it. It was my first use of gganimate, a pretty new amazing R package.

SwissSuperLeague dataviz remix 1 - Points evolution

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This post is part of a dataviz remix series of the Swiss football league’s results. The motivations behind it are explained in this post. Première mouture Mon but ici, visualiser l’évolution des résultats des équipes. En comparaison avec le graphique officiel de la Swiss Football League ci-desssous, je suis plutôt satisfait. J’apprécie de pouvoir constaster les passages à vide ou la constance de certaines équipes. Par exemple, le début de saison calamiteux du Lausanne Sport, suivi d’une jolie remontée.

Time for sports to get a dataviz makeover

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I have to confess, I am not into sports. Nor do I know much about football. But as media and data professional, I am irked by how sport is summarised and visually conveyed. I am referring here to the ubiquitous league table. Present everywhere, whether being in print or online. All team sports’ results are recapped in such table. RTS Sports’s football table for the Swiss Super League What’s wrong with league table?

Interactive mekko charts in R

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Mekko what? Despite its confusing name, Mekko or Marimekko chart is a simple yet effective data visualisation form. Here is a rundown in R for the interactive Mekko chart under (which is part of this story). I used ggiraph, a great ggplot2 extension that binds d3.js to ggplot2. This allows to easily turn a ggplot2 object into an interactive graphic. The bar height here is proportional to the number of jobs and shows the large difference of jobs for different occupations.