About me

Data Journalist/-Scientist at Tamedia Romandie (Tribune de Genève, 24 heures, le Matin Dimanche)
Nerd journalist, keen data scientist, data visualisation guru, R developer, data journalism trainer, recovering quant, genetics PhD.
Love open source, indie music, squash, cooking and IPA. Live in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Recent blog posts


A selection of my data-driven journalism stories and data visualisation work

A graphic look at global smoking trends

with Simon Bradley, May 2018

How work has evolved for Switzerland’s women and men

Featured on Reddit’s front page from the subreddit data is beautiful, May 2018

Federer - 20 Years, 20 Titles

with Angelo Zehr, Julian Schmidli, Tania Boa and Luc Guillemot. Silver award at the Information is Beautiful 2018, Jan 2018

Terrorism 20 years after the Luxor tragedy

with Luigi Jorio, Nov 2017

Foreigners arriving in Switzerland more likely to be highly skilled

with Samuel Jaberg. This post describes the making-of of its interactive graphic in R, Oct 2017

Six things you should know about the watchmaking industry

with Samuel Jaberg, Mar 2017

Are the Swiss too strict about the Dublin accords?

with Stefania Summermatter, Feb 2017

Switzerland, land of European immigration

Migration series, part V. Featured in the Global Investigative Journalism Network’s weekly most popular data journalism links. Feb 2017 (updated Dec 2017)

Which European countries attract the most immigrants?

Migration series, part IV. Featured in Revolution Analytics (Microsoft’s blog on data science). Oct 2016 (updated until Dec 2017)

Are we really facing an unprecedented migrant crisis?

Migration series, part III. Sep 2016

With 244 million immigrants in the world, which country has the most?

Migration series, part II. Sep 2016

Defining the 25% foreign population in Switzerland

Migration series, part I. Featured in the weekly most popular data journalism links by the Global Investigative Journalism Network. Aug 2016 (updated until Nov 2017)

How countries differ in their sport representation at the Rio Summer Olympics?

with John Heilprin. Featured in Revolution Analytics. Aug 2016

Finding photographic ‘true love’ in Switzerland

with Thomas Stephens, Aug 2016

Ageing trends go global

Jun 2016

2015: when the wave of migrants reached Europe

with Stefania Summermatter. Shortlisted for the Information is Beautiful 2016 award in the category data journalism. Dec 2015

Making sense of migration: facts and figures

with Stefania Summermatter, Jul 2015

How direct democracy has grown over the decades

Jun 2015 (updated until June 2018)

Is Switzerland really the country of bankers?

Featured in FiveThirtyEight’s data journalism weekly roundup. Sep 2014