Fails et succès en mi-saison 2017/18 de Super League: comparaison historique

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This post is part of a dataviz remix series of the Swiss football league’s results. The motivations behind it are explained in this post. La Super League reprend ses droits ce samedi après la trêve hivernale. L’occasion de faire le point sur les (contre-)performances à la mi-saison. --

Interactive mekko charts in R

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Mekko what? Despite its confusing name, Mekko or Marimekko chart is a simple yet effective data visualisation form. Here is a rundown in R for the interactive Mekko chart under (which is part of this story). I used ggiraph, a great ggplot2 extension that binds d3.js to ggplot2. This allows to easily turn a ggplot2 object into an interactive graphic. The bar height here is proportional to the number of jobs and shows the large difference of jobs for different occupations.